Accident and Injury Lawyers in Pennsylvania. Our Pittsburgh attorneys handle litigation throughout Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington, Greene, Somerset, and Westmoreland Counties in Western Pennsylvania. We hande vehicle crash, UM/UIM, full tort, auto, truck, motorcycle, trucking, pedestrian, passenger, ATV; animal attack and dog bite, premises liability, injury from fleeing attack, scars, cuts, medical bils; Other Injuries, Injuries from product liability, damage to property; malpractice, Claims on Doctors, lawyers, contractors, medical, legal, dental, construction, engineering, trip and fall, falls on liquid, ice, broken steps, and premises liability.

Experienced Lawyers. We know tort law and our attorneys in Pittsburgh are here waiting to assist. Where the defendants conduct is reckless or intentional, we sue for punitive damages. A talented lawyer in Pittsburgh can fight for top dollar for wrongful death and survival actions, brain injuries, motorcycle accidents, and assaults. Go ahead and challenge our lawyers in Pittsburgh. You will be thankful that you retained our lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA. Our lawyers handle very serious brain injury cases, also called traumatic brain injury matters or TBI. We make parties responsible for disability, lost wages, financial loss, co-pays, and temporary or permanent loss of earning capacity. We sue for negligent entrustment of a boat, jet ski, car, ATV, or truck to a person not fit to operate it because of drinking, intoxication, DUI, or other problem. We sue to make governements liable, including city, state, municipality, county, Commonwealth or PennDOT. We handle sale to minors or sale furnishing alcohol to minors or intoxicater persons in violation of the LCB or liquor control board or other regulations.

Serious Injuries. We also handle serious cases for lumbar problems, spinal injuries, and temporary or permanent paralysis. We represent those paralized in accidents and have nerve damage and loss of use of hand, arm, leg, foot, or facial muscles, spinal cord (spinal, thoracic, or lumbosacral), damage (anterior cord syndrome, central cord syndrome, posterior cord syndrome, brown sequard syndrome), paralysis (facial, quadraplegic or quadraplegia, or paraplegia (paraplegic), or amputation of arm, leg, hand, or foot, or finger. We recover money for joint and several liability claims and expain how the new changes to the law may change your case. Where personal jursidiction exists, we also handle assumption of the risk defensest to activity such as skiiing, motorcycling, dirt bike riding, or ATV riding. We also handle claims for vicarious liability against employers based on respondeat superior. We sue for tort and torious conduct, and tortious interference with contractual relationships. We handle dramshop liability for sale of alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person. We handle failure to warn, failure to post warning or notify of danger.

Automobile Accident Cases. Our Pittsburgh, PA auto accident attorneys litigate automobile accident and other vehicle collision cases throughout Western Pennsylvania. Each Pittsburgh lawyer with us seeks to help those hurt in an accident in Allegheny (Pittsburgh) and the surrounding areas. Get legal advice sooner, not later. Every injury attorney with us can come to you throughout Allegheny County. We handle admissibility issues for the use of helmets (helmet laws) and protective gear in motorcycle, bicycle (pedalcycle), and passenger seatbelt issues. We help all bikers: Harley Davidson, hogs, performance bikes, BMW, etc. Our Pittsburgh accident lawyers go forward with litigation of your Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law claim, UIM claim, UM claim or issue where insurance is stacked or there is stacking that is rejected or waived, allegedly. We handle review of forms, waivers, premiums, and full tort/limited tort. You may have a claim for negligent entrustment for an insured party negligently entrusting his vehicle to minor, person with a criminal or poor driving record, (of reckless driving, or otherwise), or to someone with a drug or alcohol or who was intoxicated at the time of the entrustment. Our lawyers handle text cases and cell phone cases, or texting while driving, which account for many accidents.

Insurance. Let's talk about your claim or your UM or UIM case and be aggressive in convincing the insurer the rear-end/rearender, t-bone, or other accident happened as you say. Contact our attorneys for assistance with your medical bills from a motor vehicle accident case. Our lawyers handle full tort, limited tort, and UM or UIM cases in Pittsburgh, Beaver County, Butler County, Washington County, Somerset, Uniontown, or other location throughout Western Pennsylvania or West Virginia. Get a lawyer who will maximize the money recovery for your vehicle collision case for a defective airbag, roadway, SUV rollover, trucking accident, motorcycle, pedestrian accident, tractor trailer, or bus case, including the failure to yield the right of way, driving at unsafe speed (speeding), or failure to use flasher. Our attorneys bring claims against individuals for texting, or talking on a cell phone as to injure a biker.

Animal Attack Cases. Our Pittsburgh, PA accident attorneys litigate dog bite and other animal attack cases throughout Western Pennsylvania. Each lawyer in our firm can assist you in Allegheny (Pittsburgh) and the surrounding areas. Get an appointment for a FREE consultation with an attorney. We service Ross Township, Bellevue, Avalon, Monroeville, South Hills, North Hills, Ross, Monaca, South Side (Pittsburgh), Shadyside (Pittsburgh- East end), North Side (Pittsburgh) Sharpsburg, Emsworth, and Sewickley. We go forward with litigation and be agressive in convincing the insurer the dog bite / animal attack happened as you say. Our Pittsburgh injury lawyers handle all kinds of accident cases not limited to one breed of dog. We handle claims for home owner insurance all dog bites, pit bull atttacks, those from all canines, Doberman Pinscher,German Shepherd, and resulting damges, such as scars, disfigurement, loss of feeling, nerve damage, blood loss, and involvement by the police and/or county health department for quarantine of the dog, and rabies treatment. We will find insurance coverage and take your personal injury, damages, hospital stays, liens, and other damages very seriously.

Slip and Fall. Our Pittsburgh injury attorneys litigate slip and fall / defective premises cases throughout Western Pennsylvania. Each lawyer with us will help you in Allegheny (Pittsburgh) and Allegheny County. Set appointment for FREE consultation with Allegheny County accident attorney. A lawyer can come to you in Fayette (Uniontown), Johnstown, Cambria County, Greene County, Weirton, Wheeling, Morgantown, Monongahela, Monroeville, South Hills, North Hills, Ross, Monaca, South Side (Pittsburgh), Shadyside (Pittsburgh), North Side (Pittsburgh) Avalon, Aliquippa, and Bellevue. Each Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer with us can sue property owners and occupiers responsible for the premises, fail to post a warning or sign, who cause a defective condition of the property, such as excessive snow, ice, water, oil, grease, uneven ground, a broken step. Our Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys will be aggressive in convincing the property owner or his insurance carrier that the fall happened as you say. Contact an attorney with us for assistance with your medical bills from your fall-related accident. Our attorneys handle slip and fall cases in Pittsburgh, Beaver, Butler, Washington, Somerset, Westmoreland County - Greensburg, Uniontown, or other location throughout Western Pennsylvania or West Virginia. Count on a lawyer to maximize the money recovery on your fall regardless of whether you were partially at fault for falling on the property.

Professional Negligence. Any time a professional service is rendered, it must meet the appropriate standard of care. This applies to medical, dental, legal, or other services such as automotive repair, home construction or home remodeling. Our Pittsburgh, PA negligence lawyers file suit for medical, or nursing home care against doctors, physicians, nurses, laser hair removal technicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and more! Our malpractice attorneys also litigate claims against construction companies, contractors, builders, electricians, landscapers, and others who fail to adhere to the standard of care you deserve in Western Pennsylvania. Give us a call to see if you have a valid claim against a doctor, nurse, hospital, nursing home, contractor, or other professional. Our Pittsburgh attorneys handle legal malpractice and nursing home cases involving poor care, abuse, and negligence on the part of the nursing home and attending nurses. Links.

Dental Malpractice. Our PA attorneys litigate matters involving dental malpractice throughout Western PA, but only cases involving serious injury or surgical appliances being left inside a surgical area. Juries often frown on dental malpractice cases in part because the perception that dental injuries are less serious than medical negligence cases. We may or may not handle "dead tooth" or botched root canal matters, or crown, and we can advise your about nerve damage which is the type of case we take. We can show the jury the impact that your case has had on your life. We will also attempt to establish how the poor dental care (or maxilofacial surgery) cause serious and major problems (when the facts show it) that may be long term. Our Attorneys have vast experience in the areas of litigating dental and medical negligence cases.

Nursing Home Negligence. Give us a call if you suspect your loved one has not received proper care in a nursing home setting. Our Beaver County and Pittsburgh lawyers are aggressive about nursing home cases. We will bring the errors to the attention of the authorities and get your the compensation you deserve. We seek punitive damages for reckless, outrageous, or intentional conduct.

Other Claims. We handle agency liability, vicarious liability, master-servant, and issues involving frolic and detour. We handle workers or workman's compensation, negligence, duty, breach of duty, causation, damages. We litigate product defect, construction negligence and injuries on a job or worksite. You may be barred from making a claim against your employer beyond workers compensation, but you can sue another responsible party in court, such as a driver of a vehicle or manufacturer of a product that injured you on the job. We also handle claims for insurance coverage, declaratory judgment actions, bad faith, first party claims, punitive damages, arbitration, claims for social security disability, and resolution of liens. Our lawyers in PA handle product defect, machine defect, machine accident, defective part claims. Our skilled lawyers handle trucking or big rig accidents, hazardous materils issues, MSDS sheet, PennDOT claims, claims on municipalities, torts, cap on damages, immunities, immunity from suit, and issues with work trucks. Our attorneys bring claims against restaurants and bars for serving or providing alcohol (or alcoholic beverages) to those who are drunk or intoxicated. We see injuries from people being drunk or intoxicated, drunk driving, getting a DUI, operating machinery, or being otherwise impaired, or having an impairment from taking or failing to take required prescription medication. We also claims for assault and battery, attacks, bar fights, arrests, claims against those arrested, charged, or convicted. We litigate medical and other mistakes, and errors in judgment. Call us early so we can file suit well within the two years statute of limitations for negligence and stict liability. We overcome governmental immunity and caps on damages, we put a government or municipality on timely written notice of a claim. We also hande Medicare, secondary payor, primary payor, and MSAs.

Off Road Injuries. We represent people injured in ATV (all terrain vehicle), three wheeler, trike, quad, jet ski, and snowmobile accidents.
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