Traumatic Brain Injury - TBI
Our lawyers are are professional members of the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania. We are familiar with the treatment available and long term consequences of brain injuries.

Know the Value of Your Case.
Brain injuries can cause memory loss, mood swings, an inability to work, changes in sex drive, and more. These things go to the heart of a person's identity.
Thus, in many ways, a brain injury is worse than the amputation of a body part because of the profound impact on the injured person's relationships
to everyone around him or her.

Types of Injuries.
Brain injuries can result from any impact to the head or any sudden stop, causing the momentum of the brain to continue moving into the interior of the skull. Here are the usual types:

- Falls (28%)
- Motor vehicle-traffic crashes (20%)
- Struck by/against (19%); and
- Assaults (11%)
- Blasts are a leading cause of TBI for active duty military personnel in war zones.

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Trust our knowledge and experience for the handling of complex, brain injury cases.

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